Power flushing in Woking

power flushing is so important when installing a new boiler. many manufactures no invalidate the warranty of the boiler when they discover the system is full of sludge. in my experience of working for a boiler manufacture and being in the industry for 15 years I have discovered that most systems I went to has vast amounts of sludge in them. there is a big difference in chemicals when Powerflushing and use of the incorrect ones will not remove the sludge that has gone hard, it will only remove the loose debris floating round the system. this stuck on debris then can dislodge and float around until it reaches the smallest waterways on the system which usually is the boiler itself. HJ plumbing and heating uses the correct chemicals to help break this hard sludge down and then remove it from the system, leaving you with clean system water to ensure your boiler does not break down. we cover all of Surrey including Woking and Guildford. Even if you’ve had a Powerflush I would recommend getting us to have a look to do it correctly.

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