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Plumbing is one of the core services we offer

We cover all aspects of plumbing, from a dripping tap to a new bathroom. If you require a plumber in and around Woking then we are there for you. 

We pride ourselves on working to a high standard and meeting customer expectations. HJ Plumbing & Heating have over 15 years’ experience in plumbing.

new unvented hot water cylinder

This type of system gives the customer mains pressure hot water without the drawbacks of a combi boiler.

we can accommodate your requirements

The customer here wanted a cupboard to be built around the cylinder and a utility room sink installed at later date. We ensured that all of the equipment fits into the footprint of a 600mm wide cupboard.

why choose this over a combi?

If you have more than one bathroom, most combi boilers will not allow you to run two showers at the same time. If someone runs a tap whilst the shower is in use, there will be no temperature change with an unvented system.

new sink installed in Godalming

We can fit your new kitchen sink or tap and connect dishwashers and washing machines neatly and as far back as possible to maximise under-counter storage. This customer requested two dishwashers be plumbed in with their new double sink, which was achieved whilst allowing as much spare storage space as possible.

plumbing kitchen sink woking

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